Kitty Knits

February 01, 2009

After almost a year without a post, I decided that it's high time I get up to speed on my blogging before Kitty Knits is decomissioned. I suppose I should start with the loose ends -- pillow (check), stocking (check), socks?? -- not sure which pair I was referring to in the last post, but I'm sure they're finished too!

Not much flying these days and the interior desecration of a new house has really cut into the knitting, blogging, Raveling, etc. Having said that, the cotton afghan I started a year ago is going on and on and on and on....I even sustain "knitting injuries" working on it (sore thumbs!!), so it is truly a labor of love. I am also working on finishing my Palindrome scarf made from Shelridge Farms Soft Touch W4 in Terracotta:

I started a Fair Isle hat during a class I took at The Yarn Lounge, which is still is WIP. I like the yarn (Dale of Norway - Heilo) and the technique but following a pattern doesn't bode well with Wednesday knit night. Sadly, there is no walking while chewing gum in my future.

Today I signed up for Blue Moon's Rockin Sock Club. After seeing the first kit on Wednesday night, I couldn't resist. I suppose that I will have to get around to dropping the "yarn bomb" on my DH that I just spent $230 on socks. Something tells me I am going to have come up with a good "spin" before divulging that little tid bit of info. Hopefully this year will have a kit for a pair "man socks," and I can start to make it up to him by giving him sex in a sock (ie. socks better than sex).

I have a free airline ticket I need to burn before 2/9/09 and cannot decide where I want to go. Unfortunately, the Knitter's Review Retreat is booked (damn those early birds!!) and, while I'm still considering the BMFA Sock Camp, I'm not 100% sold on the idea. I also looked into taking a knitting cruise. I was ready to sign and deliver my registration to cruise the Mediterranean while knitting, but my DH put the cabash on that when he saw the price tag. I even tried to bring Italian cooking school (Part II) in the back door during the argument but was met with a big, "Hell no. We're in a recession." Well, at least ONE of us is trying to bail us out of this mess. If the government had any sense at all, it would give every knitter a $10K stimulus check and turn us loose on the internet.

The parental unit has decided to book a week of my time in May but cannot seem to decide between St. Lucia and Quebec. Perhaps I will put the screws on them to make a decision this week and just make my own retreat.

2008 was a big year...sold a house, bought a house, celebrated one year of marriage with my DH at The Williamsburg Inn (highly recommended!!) and even managed to finish ALL of my embroidery UFOs. 2009 promises to be equally eventful with meeting new friends/neighbors, decorating the new house, DH starting school at UC Irvine (online) and....maybe the pitter patter of little feet?