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April 27, 2008

10 Years in the Making

Today is a monumental day. I have manged to finish my cross-stitched stocking that has taken me 10 YEARS to complete. I started it in the fall of 1998 during my freshman year of undergrad. One New Year's resolution down...many more to go! Now all that I need to do is wash it, block it and assemble it (which I am not counting toward the "completion time" since that's the "easy to do" and "easy to get motivated to do" part). Now it's on to the candlewicking pillow that my grandmother gave to me. I must have started it sometime in highschool and, since she passed away in March, I want to finish it and have it around as a reminder of her. Pictures of all of the above coming soon...

I turn the big 28 this Thursday, and my DH is taking me to Copper Grill. He thinks that I don't cute :) I love lobster...especially the "armless" one from Africa that I will be having on Thursday. I'm taking vacation on Thursday and Friday to celebrate and get ready for MSW. I love vacation...

Weight: Down 2.8 lbs this week
Sock status: Heel now turned due to 2.5 hour flight delay in NYC
Favorite new spot in NYC: Alice's Tea Cup (Sel et Poivre is still high on the list, though!)


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