Kitty Knits

January 02, 2008

Everything but Knitting

Santa (AKA "My DH") was definitely good to me this year and brought me this:While he did go to the trouble of ordering it all the way from Oregon (not realizing that he could have bought if from a LYS in Richmond), I have to give him credit for choosing one that is just perfect from a great store that even gave me a free breast cancer ribbon sock pattern (perfect for me, since I do breast cancer research)! My yarn baller has been in need of a swift for quite some time and, while I haven't yet taken it for a test run, I'm going to be as soon as I get my other projects under control. Of course, I say this as though that is ever going to happen!

Addmittedly, I have been a bad knitter lately. The only two projects I have on the needles are the lace baby cardi (in which I have taken out the "lace") and a baby afghan I am making out of yellow Fantasy Naturale by Plymouth Yarn Co. I have to say that this is my first experience knitting with a 100% cotton yarn and that I am not enjoying it. I have decided that I like my yarn to have some "bounce." Anyway, here is what I've done thus far:

As for my "other projects," I have been busy during my holiday vacation attempting to finish this cross stitched stocking that has been in the works since I was a freshman in undergrad. I am committed to finishing it as one of my resolutions for this year. It will be finished as soon as I wrap up the outlining and other detail work. This is done on 18 ct. aida cloth and, for those of you that cross stitch, you know that this is no small project due to the small stitches:
Then there was quilting....sigh. I have had this project in the closet for about 6 months now. If JoAnne would just stop having their "Christmas in July" event, I think that I could manage to steer clear of any additional Christmas related projects (other than gifts, of course!). At any rate, I have also committed to finishing this quilted Kay Wood Christmas tree skirt, which will be in the shape of a 6-point star when it is finished: