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October 30, 2007

Globe Trotter

The DH (formerly the DF) and I set out for our two week honeymoon jaunt around Italy a few weeks ago. We visited Positano, Sorrento, Naples, Rome, Arezzo, Siena, Radda and Forence in Chianti. I caught some ZZZs on the way over, which left me with not so much knitting to report. I was then seriously distracted by ceramic shopping in Amalfi:After touring around Amalfi and Rome, I finally got back on track with a burger and fries from Hard Rock Cafe and our arrival at "La Fratteria," an old Italian monastery turned B&B. While enjoying the beautiful gardens, religious relics and....the private helicopter on the landing pad, I returned to my knitting:And then there was dinner...La Fratteria: Home of the most beautiful food I have ever eaten. Exhibit A:After our stay at "La Fratteria," off we went to Chianti -my most favorite part of the trip. We took a day trip in our "turtle" to Siena (Yes, Ford now makes turtles...who knew??):While in Siena, I stumbled across an oasis. A yarn oasis, that is: There is nothing like shopping for yummy European yarn, the names of which you cannot pronounce! I purchased 3 skeins of navy blue "Morbidone" yarn that is a sport weight superwash merino. I have no idea what I am going to do with it, but that's why God made Ravelry, right?!? When we weren't out tasting vino and shopping for more ceramics, there was more knitting to be done: And, when we finally arrive home after 9 long hours with Air France, I had finished this Christmas present for dad (post block):I made the scarf a little over 60" long out of Merino Superwash by Tess' Yarns using the triple cable pattern in One Skein (referenced as a muffler pattern in the book).


Blogger Mary said...

I had someone in Italy send me a ball of that Morbidone yarn. Were you able to find it it in Ravelry?

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