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August 21, 2006

Movin' on Up

Wow, am I moving up in the world, or what?!? Look what arrived in the mail the other day:
And...I have wound exactly zero hanks of yarn. The swift is next on my list, as I'm sure the dbf is going to grow tired of holding yarn. season IS here. This means that I may just be able to get him to hold yarn in exchange for my presence on the couch in my black, pink and white Redskins jersey during the games. Hmm...

Knitting on the head covers has commenced. Two more inches needed and then I can begin the fair isle pattern. Notice the stitch mark. I got it while vacationing in Hilton Head this summer.

I found some Bernat baby yarn the other day to knit a cute little socks pattern that I found on the Interweave website! The pattern called for Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, but I do not have the time to wait for the yarn to ship since the little guy these are intended for is due any day now. Let my frustration with DPNs begin yet again. Who knows? Maybe the fair isle and the DPNs will be enough to throw me over the edge and end my knitting obsession forever. On second thought, that's probably the most ridiculous thing that I have said all month. Amanda stop knitting? I think not.

I started looking over the Oberstdorf pattern the other day only to realize that the smallest chest size for men/women is 44 1/8 inches. This poses a problem considering that my chest is 34 inches. Turns out that the child's pattern has these chest measurments: 35 7/8" and a 38 1/8". So, I think that I am just going to knit the 38" so that I have extra room for a turtleneck. Then, I'm just going to lengthen the sleeves and the body and hope for the best on the armhole depth.


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OOH you are going to love the winder. Its life changing!

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