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June 29, 2006

The End to a Long Day

Not much knitting has been going on. I did manage to work on my scarf on the way to and from Phila. today. I am hoping that I'll have the 23" that I need to finish the second sleeve by the end of the weekend so that I can start working on the neck. I think that it's going to be cute when it's finished but the ribbing isn't the greatest...a little repetitive.

I finally mowed the grass yesterday after it quit raining. Between the travel and the house, I am not having a lot of time for much else. I was disappointed to find that ants took over the kitchen this week. This led to the demise of the box of Kripsy Kremes...bummer. MTG was like, "Do you want the good new or the bad news first?" Then, he proceeds to tell me, "The bad news is that ants swarmed the Krispy Kremes last night. The good news is that I threw them in the trash." I think that they're better off at the Henrico Co. landfill...

I bought the newest Goo Goo Dolls CD the other day. This is one of my favorite bands. Too bad that I forgot to notice that the CD came out in February. I give it 5 stars. It's definitely one of my favorites at present...It will be on the iPod for the ride back to my hometown this weekend.

The DBF and I are going to my hometown to see the fam this weekend. The lhasas have been on holiday for the past month since I have been traveling so much. I will be happy to see my BABIES!! They're going to be getting BIG KISSES!! I wish that I could take them back with me but have to wait until we get back from vacation in Hilton Head. Speaking of which: Wish me luck on improving my golf swing between now and then!


Blogger Mary said...

Ants are plagueing my kitchen as well. I found their points of entry, though, so periodically spray those (on the outside of the house) with Raid, but when the rain washes it away, in they come again. I should probably call a guy - this is probably how most pest control companies make their livings....

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