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April 10, 2006

Woah Momma!

Have I not posted to my blog in a long time or what?!?! I guess that that's all the indication you need to know that I've been really busy lately. I've been to Disney World, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Newark, VA Beach and...Danville?? in the last few weeks. This week it's Arlington, Georgetown and Roanoke...Oh, and did I mention that this is all on business and that I'm in hell?? But, hey, like any of this is a good excuse not to blog...

SP7 has finally come to a close. My SP is from Lancaster, PA and she's the coolest! I got Hello Kitty presents!!! If that doesn't deserve a prize, I don't know what does! Check out her blog:

All of my time flying is spent knitting (when I can't use the IBM and the iPod). Here's what I've done so far on my Scarf Style scarf on NEW 12" Size 7 Addi turbos:

Now we're cooking! Those DPNs were about to be the death of me...or should I say my scarf? Right now I'm a few inches shy of finishing the first sleeve. I never really thought that I would like knitting on aluminum needles but, now that I have a good pair and have some experience under my belt, I really like them. I doubt that I will ever give up my bamboo needles but the Addis are definitely a close "second favorite needle."

I'm sort of hung up on the scarf for right now, so I haven't been working on any other projects least not knitting projects. I have finished my first living room curtain. The other two are close to being finished...if I don't break my Bernina sewing through all of those layers of fabric. It will be a bad BAD day if that happens. For those who don't sew, let me put it in terms that you can understand: Suppose that you bought a brand new Aston Martin...and then drove it off a cliff. That sick feeling that you'd get...that's how I'd feel about breaking the Bernina :) Check out the curtains (and ignore the ugly couch (it belongs to the dogs) that is being replaced in a couple of months when my new chair/ottoman from E.A. get here!):
They look much lighter in the picture. They are darker blue in reality but the fabric is hard to photograph because it has a slight shine to it when the light hits it the right way (like in these pictures). They're on the rods, but I'm not ready to hang them yet because I still need a drill bit. Like I know anything about those :)

I got the fabric for the dining room curtains several months ago, but made a deal with myself: I wouldn't start the dining room curtains until I finished the ones for the living room. It's about that time, and I am stoked! I absolutely love the fabric. I have beige wall paper and white paneling in the dining room, so it definitely needs some color.I did some shopping on eBay because I am seriously hung up on Elsa Williams and crewel embroidery. I found a partially finished pillow that I am going to complete sometime soon. Love it...

It's on tea dyed linen and is going to look great on my blue crushed velvet sofa. I bought some green fabric to make the cording with but am now thinking that a rose colored fabric might actually look better. I know that I don't want to do blue since it is going on a blue sofa. Sigh...where is an interior decorator when you need one? I'm not cut out for this shit :)

Alright, time to study for my Physics test. Is it just me or have I only been posting while trying to avoid studying? Me thinks so...


Blogger AngeliasKnitting said...

Wow! You've been busy! The curtains look awesome.

I still have one more package to send your way - I promise it'll get mailed (sometime)! ;-)

Have a wonderful week!

8:54 AM  

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