Kitty Knits

December 22, 2005

Here is the Latest

Today I signed up for SP7 because I had such a good experience with SP6. Luckily for me, both my spoilee and spoiler were just fabulous! SP is such a great way to meet fellow "knitaholics." And, while the idea the we should continue to encourage one another to buy more yarn or books is questionable, it's always comforting to know that I am not the only one afraid of knitting on DPNs or collecting more fiber than one human could ever knit up in a lifetime. On that note, check out all of the really great stuff I received last week from my SP6:

I had seriously contemplated buying these mitten plates myself from Hallmark and was thrilled to see them arrive in the mail. While I wasn't able to throw a Christmas party this year because of renovations, I am definitely going to use them next year! I also received Knitting with Beads by Lilly Chin and The Magic Loop. My SP also sent me a pattern from KnitPicks for fingerless mits and two skeins of Palette to knit them with. My SP and I are determined to over come the DPN fear sooner rather than later!

Because SP6 has officially come to an end, it was time for the big reveal. My SP6 is none other than Brooke - Thank you so much for all of your thoughtful gifts and the time that you spent making SP6 so much fun! P.S. I am only 25 so, if your son likes VA, feel free to set us up! *wink*

My sweater with cable raglans is coming along now that I have almost finished fixing the sleeves. Turns out that it should have been a 4 row repeat...Officially, there is no errata in the errata. However, all other previously mentioned mistakes exist in the pattern. Pictures to follow when the sleeves are set in, and I begin knitting the collar.

On an extremely devastating note, I have recently been informed that my Dale of Norway sweater may not be possible. Apparently, there is some issue with the way that the pattern is written which prevents the sleeves from being knit correctly...per the NorgeKnit Yahoo! group. And, since these folks seem to really know the scoop when it comes to Norwegian knitting, I may never be able to successfully knit my dream sweater. It is a sad day. However, I am hopefuly that, with the help of L.B., I will be able to fix the pattern and get down to the business of making my ski sweater.

With the Dale of Norway sweater now on the back burner, I have decided to knit this sweater in green next:

December 04, 2005

Knit On

I've begun the last sleeve for my sweater. There is now light at the end of the tunnel. I will post more pictures when I start the collar. I mean, who hasn't seen a sleeve?

I'm in search of a magnetic board for the pattern for the Dale of Norway sweater (Book 126) that I'm going to knit next. I noticed that KnitPicks has it, but I want to check around locally first. Here is what the sweater looks like:

Won't I be the cutest ski bunny EVER in this?!? Admittedly, it will be several ski seasons from now before I actually am able to wear it. Did I mention that I'm the "leisurely" knitter? I guess that is my nice way of saying that I knit slowly. Perhaps I will teach myself to knit Continental before I start my gauge swatch...Then, I can be like the Yarn Harlot. On December 2, 2005 she wrote, "... It's like my hands are a blur. Stand back so you don't get hit with flying lint. Yee haw. " She cracks me up :)

On the side, I've been seriously contemplating cutting the facing fabric for my living room curtains. Did I miss the memo that went out about hell freezing over? If I can just bring myself to put the Fiskars and the rotary cutter to work, I can get to the fun part...sewing on the Bernina! My goal is to have the fabric cut and be sewing before the end of the year.

I can officially say that I have been mauled by my Christmas decorations. I'm typing through the pain from all of the cuts on my hands. Who would have thought that you could sustain "serious" injuries from putting up some garland and a Christmas tree? Where was that warning label? :)

Today is the very first meeting of the Richmond, VA Kappa Alpha Theta Alumni Chapter. I also finished my paperwork for the Junior League...late. I miss the deadline EVERY YEAR! So, I'm going to the office on Monday to plead my case and drop everything off. They can't possibly refuse the $200+ that is costs to join can they? If so, I'm going to resort to the cute face and see if that works. ():) Between all of this, the ski club and the advisory board, I'm feeling pretty civic. Now, if only I could find an organ to practice on and the money for cello lessons...

I'm also doing my Physics class research so that I can enroll in January in time to take the MCAT in either the spring or the fall. This is top secret (except for the part where I published it on the internet - ha!) because my parents and friends think that it is a bad idea. It seems strange, doesn't it? What "parental unit" wouldn't want to be able to say that their daughter is an MD? They think that I will be giving up my chance to be a devoted wife and soccer mom. Realistically, why am I going to plan around a family that I don't even have? I see people dying of cancer everyday and feel pain when I think that I have the potential to improve their quality of life. I am slowly finding that cancer research (which is what I do full-time) isn't a substitute for what I feel I could be doing. It is for this reason that my co-workers are adamant that I go. At the end of the day, it's really about what I want. I've wanted to be a "baby doctor" since I was six. I'm 25 and want to be a pediatric oncologist. If I haven't changed my mind in almost 20 years, it may be safe to say that I know what I want to be when I grow up...