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November 15, 2005


I went out to the mailbox and was pleasantly surprised to find more presents from my SP6! That's me...spoiled rotten! I got Clover's new coil knitting needle holders and my very first set of charm stitch marks. They're made by Meadow Rose Arts...a teacher at my SP6's LYS. Impressive. They're in the shape of hearts with a lock and key that say "made with love." How cute is that?!? I'm so excited to be getting such great presents! Thank you, SP6! Speaking of SP6in', I have yet to mail the gifts that I have for my spoilee. Tomorrow is the day, though. Because she likes to knit socks, I got her two sets (one red and one green) of point protectors in the shape of socks and another set for extra small needles. I hope she likes them! I am also going to mail my Scarf Me! pal her scarf today. Hopefully she will get it in time for Thanksgiving...

There isn't much going down in "Amanda's World 'O Knitting." The sweater continues...and the red sweater still hasn't been fixed. Tonight is knit night! I think that I am going to take it with me and have someone pin it for me, so I can sew it on the Bernina. The way I see it, the d&^% thing doesn't fit, so I guess that I can't really make it any worse than it already is. Maybe Santa will leave me breast implants and then my sweater will finally fit! HA! :)


Blogger M said...

Well, I have heard of (and, uh, indulged in) acquiring clothing items to go with one's handknit accessories, but acquiring breast implants to go with one's handknit sweater? You are HARDCORE, woman.

6:12 PM  
Blogger Suzanne said...

You have got to explain the coil holders--are they like point protectors? Tre cool though. You should have said something about the pinning--I could have pinned for you! I've dissected and sewn sweaters before...though with her costumes I think Monica is the expert.

8:14 AM  

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