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November 01, 2005

Scarf Me! Scarf Finished!

FINALLY! Today I finished the scarf for my Scarf Me! pal. While I didn't use the entire ball of yarn, I did make it really long per the request of my pal. Many thanks to Vicki for showing me the pattern and to Melanie for writing it! Now...back to my sweater!

Because my favorite holiday is Halloween, it is only fitting that I show off my fabulous pumpkin...I carved his mouth too close to the bottom and had to prop him up on a rock so that the neighbors could actually see his little smile!


Blogger Suzanne said...

Great scarf! If Jon is that good with a knife does that mean he is good around the kitchen? Or even better, does he do dishes?

Yesterday I read the Harlot's entry for her spouses birthday--it is BEAUTIFUL! I wish more men knew that they could express their love by doing housework!

11:42 AM  
Blogger onealees said...

Hey Suzanne,

I read it too! How sweet was that for her to write for him on his b-day? If all men were so handy around the house, I don't think I'd know what to do with myself :)

Thanks for the comment!

8:52 PM  
Anonymous vicki said...

So he's your 'boyfriend' now, eh? Geez, look what I miss not coming to SnB...le sigh!

11:23 AM  

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