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November 22, 2005

Ribbit Ribbit

Today I received this little guy (or girl?) from my SP6 and am now accepting name suggestions. I'm thinking that "He" looks like a "Buster." Because of the Thanksgiving holiday, I think that I will consider any suggestions up until November 30th. Post a comment and let me know if you have a hot name that this frog can't live without!

Many thanks to my SP6 for sending me such an appropriate gift! The little knit sweater "It" is wearing pushed me over the edge. Love at first sight, I suppose. Anyway, I've decided that "What's its name?" will be my new travel companion during my knitting-related trips. You know, sort of like that Gnome that has traveled around the world. Since tonight is knit night, I think that I'm going to start by introducing him to the gals at SnB (pictures to follow, I'm sure!). Hey, if Monica can bring a Blythe doll, then I can bring "Whats its name?,"ok? (Check out her blog. Chester is looking especially adorable today...awww)

My confession of the day is that I have not yet mailed my Scarf Me! scarf or my SP6's presents. HOWEVER, I did manage to buy the envelopes and address them. The big plan for tomorrow is to get them in the soon as I figure out the zip (since this wasn't included in the address that was given to me for sending the scarf).

Ok, wait, I have another confession...I have a fear of DPNs. So, my SP6 sent me a hat pattern to try that requires that I use DPNs (just a little). She says that it's a cute pattern and that she's on her 3rd hat as we speak. I look dumb in hats so, if anyone out there wants a free hat, lend me your head so I can measure it. Fat heads, premature infants and small children need not apply.

If you know me, you know that I ski. Love it, Love it, Love it! So, it stands to reason that I would wear least under the right conditions. Here is a story: Last year as an early Christmas gift, someone bought me a fleece Hello Kitty hat, and I squealed like a school girl for about 10 minutes. Hey, everyone needs to draw the line somewhere (ie. no hats but Hello Kitty). While I will squeal over my ability to use DPNs, I won't be squealing over any hats that I make unless the Hello Kitty Knit Along re-opens (the hat pattern is so cute!).

That's about enough crazy talk for now! Until next time...


Blogger Mary said...

I'm not very creative, but, how 'bout "Freddie"?

Or Ker-KNit?

Sorry. Hope someone else gives you better suggestions!

9:35 PM  
Blogger DustBunniesCanWait said...

Now I'm really sorry I didn't make it to SnB last night (fell asleep on the couch) :-( I would have loved to seen him. I think he looks like a Jeremiah and Bossy suggests "Terra Frog".

I'll ask Princess what her suggestion is when she gets back from school today.

9:17 AM  
Blogger DustBunniesCanWait said...

Princess thinks he looks like a "Winston"

11:13 AM  

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