Kitty Knits

November 30, 2005

Ker-Knit on Tour

Today is the 30th, so you know what that means: Today the frog gets a name. I received so many great suggestions that made it a tough call. However, I picked "Ker-Knit" (sent to me by Mary). Since there was considerable discussion around whether it should be a boy or a girl, I decided that unisex was the way to go. Ker-Knit went to knit night a couple of weeks ago to the meet the "Panera Knitterati." Check out the pics:

Oh no! It looks like we've got the clap! The Clapotis, that is. One...two...three in this picture alone (not to mention all of the ones that didn't make it to circle that night). I'm starting to feel "out of loop" for not having knit one. It definitely has "future project" potential.

I HAVE BEEN SCARVED! (big smile) Lookie!

It's just beautiful! I can't wait to take it out for a test drive. Many thanks to my secret Scarf Me! pal for taking the time to knit me such a fabulous scarf.

I think that Melanie and I figured out what to do about the sweater with cable raglans pattern (other than throw it in the trash). I have again knit a sweater that will, most likely, be too big for me. Of course, it doesn't help that I managed to somehow loose 12 lbs. during the time that it has taken me to knit the back, front and one sleeve. I think that this is the first time in my life that 1) I have no idea how I lost weight and 2) Wish that I hadn't. Anyway, there is hope for the sleeves. There is errata in the errata (ie. it should be a 2 row repeat, not 4). My blood pressure is now back to normal.

As for the neighbors and their Christmas "decorations" (Yes, I'm using the term lightly), I have yet to trot down the street and take pictures. Do you even use the flash for something like this? I mean, half of the street is illuminated by this house. Perhaps I need take one at night and one during the day in order to attempt to do this house justice...

November 28, 2005

Just Shoot Me!

As though having my very first sweater not fit wasn't disappointing enough. Oh no! I persevered, people!! And now...I am feeling the urge to lay both sweaters out nicely on the front lawn and...DRIVE OVER THEM WITH THE LAWN MOWER! (Me oh my, what would the homeowners association have to say about that?!? Speaking of homeowners, just you WAIT until you see the pictures I'm going to post of my neighbor's Christmas decorations. Brace yourself, people. It's gonna get ugly...or should I say tacky, since I am sure that the tacky light tour bus will be making frequent stops for Richmond's viewing "pleasure." If their s#&* doesn't make the paper, I don't know what will...)

Do you realize that, now that I have knit several 4 row repeats, that the sleeve (including the cuff that is to be folded over) is now 24.5" long? Did I mention that I still have 42 stitches on the needles, which means that I need to knit an additional 36 rows. Every 4 rows equals approximately 1" leaving me with sleeves that are almost 34"s long -- yes, almost 3 feet of sleeve. Crap. Better yet..."WTF?" (in the "words" of Monica's bumper sticker) Needless to say, I will be taking my happy ass to knit night tomorrow to figure out "WTF" is going on with my sleeve.

"Hallelujah, holy shit....where's the Tylenol?" - Clark W. Griswald, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (a seasonal viewing tradition pour moi)

P.S. My Scarf Me! scarf is en route from Canada as I speak. Bangin'...

November 27, 2005

She Loves It, She Loves It Not...

She loves it! My Scarf Me! pal in Athens, GA dropped me a line to let me know that she loves her new scarf AND that it's going with her to NY! I'm feeling warm and fuzzy :) Even if I don't receive a scarf of my own (which I haven't to date), the Scarf Me! knit along gave me yet another good excuse to get my knit on! "Good excuses to knit are like chilled shots of Smirnoff Orange can never have too many."

The navy sweater with cable raglans continues...with pattern errata. So, I went to the Debbie Bliss website and got this:


After Shape armhole and before Shape raglans the amount of sts should be 40(44:48:52) sts.
After Shape raglans the instructions should read:Rep the last 4 rows until 20(22:24:26) sts rem, ending with a wrong side row.

Damn. I caught the first error because...I can count! I also caught another error that is not listed (ie. Sleeves: Inc row should read "K2, m1, k to last 2 sts, m1, k2"). However, I didn't catch the last row error and have been knitting along repeating the last two rows per the original instructions. What's more, I think that by knitting the last 4 rows more than 20 times with the sleeve already being more than 3/4 of the way up my arm (including the rolled cuff), which is how many it's going to take in order for me to end with 24 sts, my sleeves will be A BIT LONG, don't you think?!?! The sleeve seam measurement with the cuff turned back is 19". I can't figure out if they meant to just change the "ending with a wrong side row" and then leave the "repeat the last 2 rows" or change the row repeat too! Is there errata in the errata? I guess that I will try the 4 row repeat and see what I end up with. Blah.

On that note, can I just vent for a minute? With the exception of the row repeat, the cross eyed village idiot who isn't even knitting the sweater could have picked up on the errors in this pattern! By simply reading the pattern, the editors of this book should have noticed that the math didn't quite jive or that you can't very well start with a knit row if you just finished one (ie. when you go to knit the collar and notice that the instructions start with K1, K2 tog and you've just ended both of your sleeves on a right side row). And now...I frog because the website wasn't updated with the pattern errata when I started the sweater (leaving me to assume that the pattern might actually be accurate since the book was published several YEARS ago). Debbie, while I love your patterns and yarn, your pattern editors and/or test knitters are morons who need a swift lesson in proofing (being that that is their job and all). In need of evidence? Check out the long list of pattern errata on your website.

I think that my SP spoiler summed up how I feel about having to fix my sleeves when she said, "Knitting [these fingerless mits] is driving me to drink."

November 22, 2005

Ribbit Ribbit

Today I received this little guy (or girl?) from my SP6 and am now accepting name suggestions. I'm thinking that "He" looks like a "Buster." Because of the Thanksgiving holiday, I think that I will consider any suggestions up until November 30th. Post a comment and let me know if you have a hot name that this frog can't live without!

Many thanks to my SP6 for sending me such an appropriate gift! The little knit sweater "It" is wearing pushed me over the edge. Love at first sight, I suppose. Anyway, I've decided that "What's its name?" will be my new travel companion during my knitting-related trips. You know, sort of like that Gnome that has traveled around the world. Since tonight is knit night, I think that I'm going to start by introducing him to the gals at SnB (pictures to follow, I'm sure!). Hey, if Monica can bring a Blythe doll, then I can bring "Whats its name?,"ok? (Check out her blog. Chester is looking especially adorable today...awww)

My confession of the day is that I have not yet mailed my Scarf Me! scarf or my SP6's presents. HOWEVER, I did manage to buy the envelopes and address them. The big plan for tomorrow is to get them in the soon as I figure out the zip (since this wasn't included in the address that was given to me for sending the scarf).

Ok, wait, I have another confession...I have a fear of DPNs. So, my SP6 sent me a hat pattern to try that requires that I use DPNs (just a little). She says that it's a cute pattern and that she's on her 3rd hat as we speak. I look dumb in hats so, if anyone out there wants a free hat, lend me your head so I can measure it. Fat heads, premature infants and small children need not apply.

If you know me, you know that I ski. Love it, Love it, Love it! So, it stands to reason that I would wear least under the right conditions. Here is a story: Last year as an early Christmas gift, someone bought me a fleece Hello Kitty hat, and I squealed like a school girl for about 10 minutes. Hey, everyone needs to draw the line somewhere (ie. no hats but Hello Kitty). While I will squeal over my ability to use DPNs, I won't be squealing over any hats that I make unless the Hello Kitty Knit Along re-opens (the hat pattern is so cute!).

That's about enough crazy talk for now! Until next time...

November 15, 2005


I went out to the mailbox and was pleasantly surprised to find more presents from my SP6! That's me...spoiled rotten! I got Clover's new coil knitting needle holders and my very first set of charm stitch marks. They're made by Meadow Rose Arts...a teacher at my SP6's LYS. Impressive. They're in the shape of hearts with a lock and key that say "made with love." How cute is that?!? I'm so excited to be getting such great presents! Thank you, SP6! Speaking of SP6in', I have yet to mail the gifts that I have for my spoilee. Tomorrow is the day, though. Because she likes to knit socks, I got her two sets (one red and one green) of point protectors in the shape of socks and another set for extra small needles. I hope she likes them! I am also going to mail my Scarf Me! pal her scarf today. Hopefully she will get it in time for Thanksgiving...

There isn't much going down in "Amanda's World 'O Knitting." The sweater continues...and the red sweater still hasn't been fixed. Tonight is knit night! I think that I am going to take it with me and have someone pin it for me, so I can sew it on the Bernina. The way I see it, the d&^% thing doesn't fit, so I guess that I can't really make it any worse than it already is. Maybe Santa will leave me breast implants and then my sweater will finally fit! HA! :)

November 01, 2005

Scarf Me! Scarf Finished!

FINALLY! Today I finished the scarf for my Scarf Me! pal. While I didn't use the entire ball of yarn, I did make it really long per the request of my pal. Many thanks to Vicki for showing me the pattern and to Melanie for writing it! Now...back to my sweater!

Because my favorite holiday is Halloween, it is only fitting that I show off my fabulous pumpkin...I carved his mouth too close to the bottom and had to prop him up on a rock so that the neighbors could actually see his little smile!