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October 19, 2005

Taa Daa!

I finished the "Salsa Scarf" last night on the plane trip home from Phila. I think that it turned out very nicely. I did have some extra yarn and could have made it a little bit longer. As it is, I can still wrap it around at least twice. The fringe is a little short. I suppose that that is what you get for trying to "eye ball" it. I may go back and add some length to the fringe with the remaining yarn. The good news: It is ready in time for Homecoming! Now, if I could just get it together and start the scarf for my Scarf Me! pal.

Speaking of which, Vicki showed me this pattern on Melanie's website. Folks, we have a winner! I'm going to use this pattern along with the Jo Sharp yarn to make the scarf.

This will be the next project, I suppose. My Debbie Bliss sweater is pouting, I think. "Please finish me, Please finish me." The good news (again): I have decided to make only one knit X-mas gift this year so that the end of the year knitting drama is kept to a minimum.

I guess that the question becomes, "What happened to the Scarf Me! scarf that you already started?" Many thanks to Vicki for showing me the pattern. Since I have two skeins of Manos del Uruguay, I am going to take out everything I have done so far and start making this scarf instead. While I like the other stitch pattern that I was working on, I think that I like this one even better.

William and Mary's homecoming is this weekend...and you what know what that means!! Girls' weekend out! No boys, no drama, no lawn mowing!! Just lots of drinking, squealing, drinking, dancing, drinking and partying with the Theta girls! It only gets this good once a year and I am SO THERE. (Do I sound like a sorority girl yet?!?) I mean, like, WOW! And, while I would love to knit during the football game (yeah right, like homecoming is about anything but tailgating??), I don't recommend mixing the two. "Don't drink and knit, you might drop a stitch or spill your beer" Is that good enough for a bumper sticker? Perhaps...


Anonymous Vicki said...

Your new scarf looks great! Have fun wearing it at homecoming!

7:29 PM  
Blogger Mary said...

I love the yarn in the Salsa scarf - very pretty. Looks like you knit it lengthwise? Good for you!

7:21 PM  

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