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September 28, 2005

My PC Bit The Dust

My computer has croaked...or, at least it won't access the internet. So, no pictures for awhile. Bummer.

Vicki and I have decided to pack up the Escape and take a little road trip to The Fall Fiber Festival of Virginia in Orange County. While I'm not so sure about the Sheepdog trials, there will be lots and lots of WOOL - all of which I am sure that I am going to want to bring home with me. Sigh...we may have to bring two cars!! Haa haa!

SnB was fun last night. Everyone is starting to work on their Christmas presents and winter wear, and Monica gave me tips on how to make this cute bag for my friend (who I cannot mention because she reads this site!). I hope she likes it...and that I can get it finished before Christmas! It's a pattern on Knitty called Unbiased. AND, what makes it extra special: it was designed by someone who lives here in Richmond!

Not much else going on on the knitting front. The cabled raglan sweater continues and the DB is on the verge of becoming a UFO. Cathy had her baby boy yesterday, and the DB is still in shambles. Maybe it will be ready in time for his first birthday?

The Yarn Harlot strikes again! For a good laugh call: 877-SOS-KNIT (Press #3) "Your knitter wants you to know that there is NO SUCH THING AS TOO MUCH YARN!!"


Blogger Beth said...

Hey Amanda - It was great to see you at the Fall Fiber Festival - didja buy some great stuff?!?!

Did you ever replace your Brittany Birch cable needles? If not, you can order them from - that's where I got mine and LOVE THEM!


9:02 AM  

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