Kitty Knits

August 15, 2005


Stash management is not one of my strong points. This weekend I got this:

While the last thing that I need is more yarn, I couldn't resist. I also found the yarn that I need to finish my Shawl Collar Sweater. Now I can actually finish a project! While I have been trying to keep the shopping to a minimum, I am going to get a LandsEnd diaper bag. No babies!! I am going to use it as my new knitting bag....Sigh, nothing like a knitting bag complete with its very own changing pad! Look out, girls!

Aside from this, nothing new to report on the knitting front. I have this compulsion to take on projects that take forever to complete. Alas, no new pictures for now. Hopefully, my next pic will be of me sporting my new (very first) sweater! Yee haw...


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