Kitty Knits

February 01, 2009

After almost a year without a post, I decided that it's high time I get up to speed on my blogging before Kitty Knits is decomissioned. I suppose I should start with the loose ends -- pillow (check), stocking (check), socks?? -- not sure which pair I was referring to in the last post, but I'm sure they're finished too!

Not much flying these days and the interior desecration of a new house has really cut into the knitting, blogging, Raveling, etc. Having said that, the cotton afghan I started a year ago is going on and on and on and on....I even sustain "knitting injuries" working on it (sore thumbs!!), so it is truly a labor of love. I am also working on finishing my Palindrome scarf made from Shelridge Farms Soft Touch W4 in Terracotta:

I started a Fair Isle hat during a class I took at The Yarn Lounge, which is still is WIP. I like the yarn (Dale of Norway - Heilo) and the technique but following a pattern doesn't bode well with Wednesday knit night. Sadly, there is no walking while chewing gum in my future.

Today I signed up for Blue Moon's Rockin Sock Club. After seeing the first kit on Wednesday night, I couldn't resist. I suppose that I will have to get around to dropping the "yarn bomb" on my DH that I just spent $230 on socks. Something tells me I am going to have come up with a good "spin" before divulging that little tid bit of info. Hopefully this year will have a kit for a pair "man socks," and I can start to make it up to him by giving him sex in a sock (ie. socks better than sex).

I have a free airline ticket I need to burn before 2/9/09 and cannot decide where I want to go. Unfortunately, the Knitter's Review Retreat is booked (damn those early birds!!) and, while I'm still considering the BMFA Sock Camp, I'm not 100% sold on the idea. I also looked into taking a knitting cruise. I was ready to sign and deliver my registration to cruise the Mediterranean while knitting, but my DH put the cabash on that when he saw the price tag. I even tried to bring Italian cooking school (Part II) in the back door during the argument but was met with a big, "Hell no. We're in a recession." Well, at least ONE of us is trying to bail us out of this mess. If the government had any sense at all, it would give every knitter a $10K stimulus check and turn us loose on the internet.

The parental unit has decided to book a week of my time in May but cannot seem to decide between St. Lucia and Quebec. Perhaps I will put the screws on them to make a decision this week and just make my own retreat.

2008 was a big year...sold a house, bought a house, celebrated one year of marriage with my DH at The Williamsburg Inn (highly recommended!!) and even managed to finish ALL of my embroidery UFOs. 2009 promises to be equally eventful with meeting new friends/neighbors, decorating the new house, DH starting school at UC Irvine (online) and....maybe the pitter patter of little feet?

April 27, 2008

10 Years in the Making

Today is a monumental day. I have manged to finish my cross-stitched stocking that has taken me 10 YEARS to complete. I started it in the fall of 1998 during my freshman year of undergrad. One New Year's resolution down...many more to go! Now all that I need to do is wash it, block it and assemble it (which I am not counting toward the "completion time" since that's the "easy to do" and "easy to get motivated to do" part). Now it's on to the candlewicking pillow that my grandmother gave to me. I must have started it sometime in highschool and, since she passed away in March, I want to finish it and have it around as a reminder of her. Pictures of all of the above coming soon...

I turn the big 28 this Thursday, and my DH is taking me to Copper Grill. He thinks that I don't cute :) I love lobster...especially the "armless" one from Africa that I will be having on Thursday. I'm taking vacation on Thursday and Friday to celebrate and get ready for MSW. I love vacation...

Weight: Down 2.8 lbs this week
Sock status: Heel now turned due to 2.5 hour flight delay in NYC
Favorite new spot in NYC: Alice's Tea Cup (Sel et Poivre is still high on the list, though!)

April 20, 2008

2 lbs. Sans Lace

Today was a big day...the day of the first "weigh in." I'm down 2 lbs. This deserved more than just a pat on the back. With sushi, shrimp fried rice, a trip to Coldstone for a strawberry blondie, one brownie, bacon, pancakes and cheese pizza behind me, I'm ready to start a new week. This whole diet idea isn't half bad when I consider that I can still have all of my favorite things in that last crucial 24 hour period before the week (and points!) start over. With 22 points left over, I had some serious eating to do...and eat I DID.

My flight to NYC today has been delayed...all day. Note to self: Even though it says that the flight is going to leave at 4:10 online, it does not mean that the plane will not depart early without me. Bummer. Now I have a 5 am wake-up tomorrow. For those of you who are not morning understand.

On another note, I have finished sewing the buttons on the lace knit baby cardigan (sans lace). Viola!:

April 14, 2008

Day 2

Today is Day 2 of Weight Watchers for me...only 17 pounds to go! While I have been cranky all day and my DH now hates me, there is no room for quitting around here! I've got a college homecoming AND a highschool reunion this year. How's that for motivation? looking for my skinny knitter self come May at MSW.

Speaking of MSW, I've got a room and a plan: Check in Friday night...wake up...haul a$$ to the Cherry Tree Hill booth...dash to Spirit Trail. That leaves me in my pajamas at MSW with bad breath. Hmmm...I suppose that some personal hygiene might be in order to avoid offending the "sheep and wool." Although, the DH is going to be doing enough of that for the both of us eating lamb kabobs and lamb burgers right in front of the little guys. Can someone get this man some help? Sick....just sick.

I took a sock class back in March at The Yarn Lounge and made the Whitby socks from Knitting on the Road. One down, one to go. I hope that I don't get SSS (Second Sock Syndrome). Things are looking good so far...I've cast on and been through one pattern repeat. I think that I might be in the clear.
Now that I have over come my distaste for DPNs...I forsee more sock knitting. In fact, I bought some Socks that Rock (color: Blarney Stone) and Denali from Pagewood Farm (color: Ireland). Patterns for these TBD.
In the meantime, I am going to knit a pink ribbon sock with my Shelbridge Farm Soft Touch Ultra (color: Thistleflower). I have finally finished the Lace Baby Cardi (minus the lace). As soon as I have sewn on the buttons (probably after M.M. has outgrown the sweater), I will post some pics.

The baby blanket continues. The good news is that I'm liking the yarn much better now (although 100% cotton is still not in my top 10).

Until next time...GIT 'ER DONE!!

January 02, 2008

Everything but Knitting

Santa (AKA "My DH") was definitely good to me this year and brought me this:While he did go to the trouble of ordering it all the way from Oregon (not realizing that he could have bought if from a LYS in Richmond), I have to give him credit for choosing one that is just perfect from a great store that even gave me a free breast cancer ribbon sock pattern (perfect for me, since I do breast cancer research)! My yarn baller has been in need of a swift for quite some time and, while I haven't yet taken it for a test run, I'm going to be as soon as I get my other projects under control. Of course, I say this as though that is ever going to happen!

Addmittedly, I have been a bad knitter lately. The only two projects I have on the needles are the lace baby cardi (in which I have taken out the "lace") and a baby afghan I am making out of yellow Fantasy Naturale by Plymouth Yarn Co. I have to say that this is my first experience knitting with a 100% cotton yarn and that I am not enjoying it. I have decided that I like my yarn to have some "bounce." Anyway, here is what I've done thus far:

As for my "other projects," I have been busy during my holiday vacation attempting to finish this cross stitched stocking that has been in the works since I was a freshman in undergrad. I am committed to finishing it as one of my resolutions for this year. It will be finished as soon as I wrap up the outlining and other detail work. This is done on 18 ct. aida cloth and, for those of you that cross stitch, you know that this is no small project due to the small stitches:
Then there was quilting....sigh. I have had this project in the closet for about 6 months now. If JoAnne would just stop having their "Christmas in July" event, I think that I could manage to steer clear of any additional Christmas related projects (other than gifts, of course!). At any rate, I have also committed to finishing this quilted Kay Wood Christmas tree skirt, which will be in the shape of a 6-point star when it is finished:

October 30, 2007

Globe Trotter

The DH (formerly the DF) and I set out for our two week honeymoon jaunt around Italy a few weeks ago. We visited Positano, Sorrento, Naples, Rome, Arezzo, Siena, Radda and Forence in Chianti. I caught some ZZZs on the way over, which left me with not so much knitting to report. I was then seriously distracted by ceramic shopping in Amalfi:After touring around Amalfi and Rome, I finally got back on track with a burger and fries from Hard Rock Cafe and our arrival at "La Fratteria," an old Italian monastery turned B&B. While enjoying the beautiful gardens, religious relics and....the private helicopter on the landing pad, I returned to my knitting:And then there was dinner...La Fratteria: Home of the most beautiful food I have ever eaten. Exhibit A:After our stay at "La Fratteria," off we went to Chianti -my most favorite part of the trip. We took a day trip in our "turtle" to Siena (Yes, Ford now makes turtles...who knew??):While in Siena, I stumbled across an oasis. A yarn oasis, that is: There is nothing like shopping for yummy European yarn, the names of which you cannot pronounce! I purchased 3 skeins of navy blue "Morbidone" yarn that is a sport weight superwash merino. I have no idea what I am going to do with it, but that's why God made Ravelry, right?!? When we weren't out tasting vino and shopping for more ceramics, there was more knitting to be done: And, when we finally arrive home after 9 long hours with Air France, I had finished this Christmas present for dad (post block):I made the scarf a little over 60" long out of Merino Superwash by Tess' Yarns using the triple cable pattern in One Skein (referenced as a muffler pattern in the book).

September 10, 2007

OBX Knitting

The DF and I went to the OBX over Labor Day Weekend for some R&R. Many thanks to Lou for recommending a fantastic yarn store in Southern Shores. Here I am excited for my first fore into Knitting Addiction:After some good shopping, I ended up with this:

The yarn is Plymouth Naturale. The green yarn is what I am going to use to knit the sweater and the yellow is for the blanket. Perhaps I should have taken her up on her offer to wind the yarn for me while I was in the shop? Ugh...